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Jul 1, 2009

Could healthy living prevent cancer?

Healthy Medicine : Looking to interview any health experts who can discuss cancer topics? Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death in the U.S; however, could it be prevented? An estimated 269,800 women and 292,540 men will die from cancer this year, totaling more than half million Americans. Following Farrah Fawcett’s unfortunate passing; it’s increasingly clear how vulnerable we all are. Despite the fact that we all, “know” we could be at risk, it’s quite another thing to act on it.

Medical Director of Cinergy Health, Dr. Erika Schwartz has provided valuable tips below on cancer prevention and things we can do to improve our health.

Cancer Prevention Tips:

1. Focus on healthy diet: Science supports the importance of eating fresh fruit and vegetables and low intake of animal protein and casein (dairy protein) in preventing and reducing the risk of cancer by 30-60%

2. Exercise: People who exercise 6 days a week lower the risk of getting cancer by more than 30%

3. Sleep: Sleeping 7-8 hours a night increases hormone production and immune system boosters. The result is reduced risk of cancer.

4. Stress management: Addressing stressors and managing their impact on the human body decreases cancer risk significantly.

5. Eliminating alcohol: People who consume more than 7 drinks per week have 60% higher risk of developing cancer. Alcohol is directly connected to increased risk of pancreatic, stomach, liver and liver cancers. Limiting the quantity and frequency of alcohol intake decreases risk of cancer.

6. Obesity and diabetes: 20% higher risk of colon cancer and of course all other types of cancer and diseases.

7. Smoking: Smoking increases the risk of lung cancer, vocal chord cancer, and throat and bladder cancer.

8. Birth control pills: They increase the risk of liver cancer and other synthetic hormones are associated with increased incidence of female organ cancers like ovarian, breast and uterine cancers.

Let me know if you’re interested in an interview, bio and headshot are below for your reference.

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Dr. Erika Schwartz, Medical Director of Cinergy Health is a general internist, an authority on preventive health and a patient advocate. She is a 25 year health industry veteran, working in both an ER as well as a private practice.

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Simon B. said...

Think that most people certainly understand the need for cancer awareness but even more pressing is the health insurance crisis ( that effects everyone, especially those that have cancer, had cancer and those genetically prone to cancer

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