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Oct 14, 2010

Healthy Medicine : Birth Control, Women & Aging

People have used birth control methods for thousands of years. Today, we have many safe and effective birth control methods available to us.All of us who need birth control want to find the method that is best for us. And each of us has different needs when choosing a method. If you are trying to choose, learning about each method may help you make your decision. Use the list of birth control methods above to read about the methods.

There are many unanswered questions when it comes to fertility and the most effective birth control method. In order to ensure that the birth control method chosen is suitable for a woman’s needs she must be well informed about the variety of birth control methods available. She must also take into consideration how her fertility influences the type of contraceptives she decides to use throughout her lifespan.

Practitioner Ian Wahl, DAC, LAC, CH from, informs women on what they need to know about aging, sex and birth control at every age.

Women in their 20’s :

Sex Drive & Fertility :

· This is a time when fertility peaks, which is why women in their 20’s are more likely to conceive a baby the natural way.

· During her 20’s, a woman is more likely to have a higher sex drive than any other time in her life. This is contributed to high levels of testosterone produced within her body.

Birth Control :

· The only way birth control pills will work is if the woman takes them every day on a regular basis. If she skips a day, it decreases their potency and increases her chance of becoming pregnant.

· Another birth control method women in their twenties should also use is condoms. Not only do condoms help prevent conception, they also protect women from sexually transmitted diseases.

· It is important to invest in two methods of birth control

Women in their 30’s :

Sex Drive & Fertility :

· Women in their 30’s reach their sexual peak

· As a woman ages, the amount of eggs in her ovaries decrease each year by a significant percentage.

· Sexual activity increases; however, there is a slight decrease in the levels of testosterone in her body.

· While women may lose interest in sex, the type of relationship they have with their partner also influences their sex drive and desire for sex. Since it is more common for women in their thirties to find a more fulfilling and stable relationship with their partner during this time, she will engage in more sexual intercourse than she did when she was in her twenties.

Birth Control :

· Birth control pills can be affective as well; however, since her chances of conceiving are less likely during her thirties, a woman still should take precautions against sexually transmitted diseases.

· Since women may be participating in more sexual activity during this time, she will want to invest in spermicidal foam and condoms.

Women in their 40’s:

Sex Drive & Fertility :

· Eggs are released from the ovaries less frequently, which make conceiving a baby less likely, but it is still possible.

· Women in their 40’s may begin to lose their sex drive because their level of testosterone is about half of what it used to be during their 20’s.

· Although women in their 40’s have lower libidos, many are more sexually active now that their children are getting older.

Birth Control :

· Women in their forties can use many different contraceptives. They can use contraceptive sponges or a vaginal ring along with spermicidal lubricant. They should also make sure that their partner uses a condom. The condom helps to protect both partners from STD’s.
For more information please contact Ian Wahl, DAC, LAC, CH at .

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