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Jan 21, 2008

Bad hygiene at the house

It is a sad progress achieved which many people around the world, Malaysia included, to fail motionless to adopt simple hygiene at the house, which more in the public places. In an outline led by the Council of hygiene (with 10.000 guarantors around the world) on most of the time of the housewives with children, the 1.000 guarantors of Malaysia gave very alarming results.

Some 13% of them do not wash the hands after having employed the toilet, 10% do not wash the hands after having eaten or having handled food, and 46% do not wash the hands after cough or sneeze. The dregs of DR. Christopher, the Malaysian representative on the Council of hygiene, indicate that the scientific obviousness proved that to wash the hands can significantly reduce the incidence of the communicable infections of up to 59%.

The dregs indicate that one should teach at the house of the suitable matter practices of hygiene and the parents themselves should place good examples for their children. "the house is where [ hearth of need for people ] their attention to make sure above that we protect our families and friends against the threat from the infectious diseases" people on average pass 55% their lives in their house.

Us do not should leave our guard to the bottom same when the danger of the foot-and-mouth disease of hand, and the influenza of bird moved back. Personal and environmental hygiene tiny room the risk of disease of more than 20%. If good hygiene is practised in the place of work also well that at the house, the rate of transmission of the infectious diseases will be considerably reduced, "adds the dregs during a recent press conference to work out on the conclusions reached by the Council of hygiene. According to the outline, 63% of the guarantors were sure that the basin of toilet was where the majority of the germs can be found at the house. However, the scientific obviousness showed that there are more harmful germs on switches, handles of door, tops of table, the mincer of kitchen, and other frequent-touched surfaces that the seat of toilet.

Even the washing machine can lodge viruses like E coli. The contact of these surfaces will make obtain the viruses above with your hands, which in their turn will write your body by glands, the eyes or the mouth mucous when you touch these sectors of your face. The dregs indicate that there are four stages to ensure good hygiene is applied to the house. It is cleaning (hands, ustensils); heat (washing and making cook); disinfecting (for surfaces, the toys, the toilets, etc. frequent-touched); and to dry.

Wash the hands with good anti-bacterial soap and use the disinfecting pulverizers and liquids to clean the surfaces frequent-touched at the house for the best results. The dregs hope that the results of outline will oblige people to stress more the surfaces frequent-touched by cleaning such as the remote control and the telephone. The Council of hygiene recently left with a guide subjects hygiene which is now available via its Web site to hygienecouncil.

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