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Jan 22, 2008

The best for the growing child

Balancing the food needs which include sufficiently catch of protein and calcium among the young people. RESEARCH proved that the regular physical activity offers a certain number of service-disease for children, including remaining suitable body weight and commander and healthy bones of maintenance.

During the years of growing, the regular profit of bone of increases in exercise and contributes to the maximum mass of bone in the adulthood. At the same time as the regular physical activity, a balanced mode also ensures a child in good health and credit. And milk is one of the best sources of food to ensure the growth and the health total of a child because it contains many essential food, including protein and calcium.

The protein is employed to form the muscles, the bones and the teeth forts, to prepare hormones and enzymes, to reinforce the immune system, and to carry oxygen to the cells. Whole this, one of its more important functions must build new cells and muscles. Our muscles are composed of the beams of cells and flexible fibres which can be contracted and increased to produce our movements of body. And the principal component of these cells and fibres is protein. Because the children are in the fast physical growth, their needs for protein are higher for their size of body than of the adults, because their body constantly establishes new cells of muscle. The protein ser also of the fuel of body in the form of amino acids (modules of protein). Consequently, the children must maintain their protein catch to increase their total strength.

The livestock products provide the good protein which is complete in all the essential amino acids. The products of soya are also one of proteins. But among the best sources of high quality the protein is milk.

The force of calcium

Calcium is one of the most important food required during childhood and of the years of adolescence because the bones of the children develop quickly. It helps to reinforce the bones to make them strong.

It development aid of the maximum mass of bone which is crucial to prevent damage and the osteoporosis of bone he of the posterior years. It is because the mass of the bones of our bodies exhausts while we age, thus we must continue to fill it of fuel with calcium so it to continue to be strong and in good health. Os of arrangement the skeletal increases in mass seven- yield birth to the teenagers and then others triple during the teenagers. Calcium and other food found out of milk are necessary by increasing bodies to help to develop and build the strong bones during this time.

The maximum mass of bone is carried out at approximately the age of 20. It is the moment when our bones will be with their more extremely during our life. It is important to help them length as far as us can because the more the maximum mass of bone is carried out high, the more the bones of reservation must mainly hold account of the mineral losses of normal bone which occurs in the posterior life.

The needs for calcium

The directives of nutrition recommend that the children of the ages seven to nine obtain 700mg calcium per day, or approximately two milk portions group foods daily. The years of adolescence and the young adults, of ages 10 to 18, need more than calcium because their bones increase more than with other times of their lives.

They should have 1,000mg calcium per day, or approximately three milk portions group foods daily. Glass 250ml or package of milk has about 300mg calcium, so much just three glasses or the packages can go a long way towards obtaining calcium necessary each day.

Other milk sugar refineries

Without counting that calcium, the vitamin D And phosphorus are also important in strong bones of building because they function the hand-inhand with calcium in the mass of bone of building.

The assistances of the vitamin D Support the absorption of calcium and increase the mineralisation of bone while phosphorus also helps to reinforce bones. Few foods naturally contain the rickets recently identified of D. Researchers of vitamin, a disease of deficiency of vitamin which causes the weak or deformed bones, in solutions of replacement of Federal infants with the cow's milk. As a relative, you play a positive part by influencing the choices of drink of your children.

A recent study of the mothers and their five-year-old women girls noted that the mothers who drank milk more frequently had the girls who also drank milk more frequently. Moreover, the milk-drinkable pairs of mother-girl consumed few nonalcoholic beverages and had more raised calcium levels.

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