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Jan 1, 2008

Feeding the ill

MANAGING the nutritional needs of critically ill patients is crucial in improving the chances of survival and medical professionals who attended a recent workshop organised by the Intensive Care Section of the Malaysian Society of Anaesthesiologists were given new insights into ensuring improved delivery to increase the odds.

The workshop on Nutrition Strategy for Critically Ill Patients: from Pathophysiology to Clinical Application was supported by Nestlé HealthCare Nutrition and attracted anaesthetists, surgeons, dieticians and Intensive Care Units (ICU) caregivers.

Speakers who shared the latest updates and clinical experiences on nutrition support included Prof Pamela R Roberts, the Professor and Division Chief of Critical Care Medicine at the Department of Anaesthesiology, University of Oklahoma, US, who spoke on The Metabolic Response to Stress and Alternations in Nutrient and The Role of Immunonutrition in the Critically Ill Patients.

Commenting on the workshop, Emilyn Loo, Country Business Manager, HealthCare and Performance Nutrition, Nestlé (Malaysia Berhad) said most doctors do not experience a full module programme on nutrition when they are studying, but the reality of medical practice is that they have to face and manage high risk patients in the ICU.

“Workshops such as this one are therefore beneficial for anyone involved in managing patients in ICUs as it opens the opportunity for the participants to learn about nutrition support and to update themselves on the latest nutrition strategies,” said Loo.

“Being part of the world’s largest and first Food, Nutrition, Health and Wellness company – Nestlé, we are very much aware on the critical importance of sustenance and our expertise in healthcare nutrition allows us to share our knowledge on nutrition support for these patients,” she added.

Throughout the two-day workshop, the international and local speakers also shared their clinical experience in using PEPTAMEN, a complete Peptide-Based Elemental Nutrition.

Two case studies on very complicated medical conditions were shared with the participants demonstrating how the use of nutritional diets like PEPTAMEN contributed to better tolerance and nutritional outcomes, to result in faster recovery.

The case studies allowed participants to understand the importance of using the most appropriate methods under different conditions and learn from the experts on managing the nutritional needs of critically ill patients.

In addition to supporting the Workshop, Nestlé also presented participants with access to its Nestlé Nutrition Institute website, which compiles the learnings from the various international workshops.

The Nestlé Nutrition Institute (NNI) which is the medical and scientific communication arm of Nestlé Nutrition, operates as an “applied science” organisation and was set up to support the knowledge on nutrition.

It is aimed at establishing a peer-to-peer relationship with healthcare professionals who can help enhance the quality of people’s lives all over the world.

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