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Aug 3, 2009

Minimize the symptoms of heartburn during pregnancy

The relief of symptoms is rapid - in five minutes - and can last up to four hours. Alginates are not absorbed into the bloodstream, but of course, are eliminated from the body, so this treatment particularly suitable for pregnant women.

Antacids : Antacids neutralize stomach acid so it does not irritate the tube when it flows from the stomach. While it is fast-acting relief, does not last as long as alginates. It is best to avoid antacids containing aluminum and sodium, which can cause constipation in pregnant women.

Each pregnancy is unique so please remember to always consult your doctor to get the most appropriate treatment for you and your baby.

A Healthy Pregnancy : Ignoring the symptoms of heartburn will not go away, but can have negative effects if the unrest continues. The state of his health before and during pregnancy affects your baby's wellbeing at birth and beyond.

Therefore, pregnancy in the event of difficulties, such as heartburn, are affecting their ability to maintain optimal health, you should seek ways to alleviate discomfort with minimal risk to yourself and your baby.

The medication is effective in relieving symptoms of heartburn, but is not the end all and all. There are simple things you can do to minimize the symptoms of heartburn, such as:

# Eat several smaller meals to reduce the stomach

# Chew each mouthful slowly

# Take a walk at a moderate pace after meals to aid digestion

# Avoid lying down within two hours after eating

# Do not bend you on the couch because her tummy crushes

# Wear loose clothing around your belly

# Bend your knees, not the waist to pick things

# Develop effective ways to manage stress - stress can cause digestive slower

# Avoid spicy, very spicy, fatty or fried foods, coffee, alcohol, carbonated drinks, and anything with chemical additives

It is especially important to proactively manage their health during pregnancy. By maintaining a healthy body, which is keeping her healthy baby from conception to birth and that is the best start you can give your child. Pregnancy is one of the most joyful moments that we as women will never experience. Yes, within nine months that follow may be fraught with discomfort and adapt to life inside of us, but do not let discomfort in the way of enjoying your little miracle.

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