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Mar 23, 2010

Doctors That Make House Calls - Conveniently Brings the Medical Experts to You

Doctors That Make House Calls - Conveniently Brings the Medical Experts to You, at Your Home or Office, to Better Manage Your Family’s Health

IRVINE, Calif. (March 17, 2010) – Most people want better access to health care for themselves and their family, however a major obstacle in achieving this is the time and hassle involved in seeing a doctor. Many find the whole process discouraging.

Until now, this process typically involves calling to make an appointment, usually for a much later date, arranging for time off work and then making childcare arrangements. On the day of the appointment, patients tend to wait in cramped waiting rooms, coming into contact with germs. Then, the actual appointment may be rushed as well, leaving patients feeling frustrated.

Introducing “”, a health website that allows you to consult with a doctor in the comfort of a home or office. Ideal for busy adults and parents who want to make their health a top priority, but who simply can’t find the time to do so as often as they should. makes it much easier to understand health issues, to consult with health care professionals and then to act on the knowledge or advice that’s provided. All this supports healthier living, more vitality and less stress. provides:

a) Free video casts by top doctors to provide an overview of most major health issues, in simple terms people can understand.
b) Personal online consultations with Natural Physicians for a natural approach to health and vitality.
c) Personal online consultations with Medical Doctors with optional prescription support.
d) Affordable Stress Solution Tool, developed by a leading medical school, to objectively assess levels of stress, provide a personal assessment and strategic plan to minimize it.
e) Free Health Strategies for every member of the family. Guidelines that are specific to gender and age range, including health tips on eating, hydration, supplements, exercise and more.
f) Free Heartbeats Blog – interesting articles written by medical experts like Dr. Meletis to raise daily awareness and help people understand all factors that positively and negatively influence health, wellness and vitality – both mentally and physically.
g) Free My Health and Fitness Apps – online tools to better assess and monitor overall personal health as well as set and track goals.
h) Health Market Online Shopping – valuable health products at affordable prices, including Vital XP – the only nutrition based energy drink, plus high-quality dietary supplements, joint supports for wrist, elbow, back, and knee, plus circulation-boosting socks, a body composition analyzer and much more.
i) Ability to use FSA or HSA for tax-deductible medical expenses for consults and prescriptions. features priceless information from Dr. Chris Meletis, one of the most knowledgeable and highly-respected natural physicians in the world. In addition to the nearly 40 FREE online video presentations and 50 health briefs by Dr. Meletis and his colleagues, iHealthCast also provides Dr. Meletis' weekly “Heartbeats Blog” which includes some of the most relevant and current health topics, such as H1N1 (Swine Flu) and the effects of stress that so many people are trying to cope with. offers busy people who are tired of searching through pages and pages of medical articles on other sites to find what they are searching for, then too worn out to read and understand it, a better solution. is the closest thing to having unlimited time and access to Dr. Meletis to speak to him directly about personal health issues. This valuable access is more efficiently delivered online, when and where people need it. is also found on the most popular social networks including Facebook and Twitter. To help people remember their daily health priorities, iHealthCast offers Twitter updates of all the latest Heartbeats Blog posts – People can also ask Dr. Meletis a health question on iHealthCast’s Facebook page and receive a detailed response –

“This is one of the very best options for people who want to take charge of their own health,” said Marty Matthews, iHealthCast’s Director. “Dr. Meletis is amazing in his insights and ability to simplify and empower individuals to achieve their health and vitality goals.”

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