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Apr 30, 2010

Healthy, Quick Breakfast-Cereals were Rated and Failed

Despite studies which show that those who skip breakfast have higher body fat content than those who do not, an ABC News poll showed that 40% still skip the morning meal. Recently,Yahoo! Health rated the best and worst breakfast cereals

All but one (Spoon size Shredded Wheat) had sugar, and one of the "worst list" granolas had 30 grams of sugar-in one serving! Except for the shredded wheat, most cereals on the market today, contain far too much sugar to be the best choice for breakfast.

Below an ideas for healthy, quick, breakfast options :

Healthy Breakfast Shakes : Breakfast shakes with fruit and protein are great and healthy, with lots of bioflavonoids and vitamins from the fruit like A, B1, Folate (folic acid) etc, and added protein to hold you through the morning. The protein can be come from rice, soy, egg, or dairy (whey.)

How to make this healthy shakes..? Just put your mixed fruit and protein in the blender container the night before and put it in the refrigerator. Take it out in the mornig (AM), then add a water or juice or almond milk or yoghurt, whatever you like best, buzz it up, pour it in your carrying cup, and off you go, its very easy & healthy.... ;-).

Good Healthy Cereal Choice : If you are OK with wheat and dairy, the Spoon Size shredded wheat, milk and fruit are a great option. There is no sugar, only 1 gram of fat in the shredded wheat and plenty of protein in the milk. Try organic milk so that you can skip any bovine growth hormone, antibiotics or pesticides that might be lurking in non-organic milk.

Include Healthy Protein : Sandwich is an easy and a quick helathy breakfast , protein-rich way to start the day. Here's a quick, healthy alternative to the egg, cheese and muffin grease-ball that you might get at your local drive-in:

Put some mixed frozen veggies in the refrigerator to thaw the night before. In the morning, pop a piece of whole grain bread in the toaster, throw the veggies in a little non-stick pan with some Earth Balance margarine and an egg or two, maybe a sprinkle of shredded cheese, slap your little "omelet" on the toast. Four minutes and you're gone.

This healthy tips gived by / practitioner Dr. Martha Howard.

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