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Apr 30, 2010

Toning Shoes-The Way to a New Lower Half?

More and more physiological footwear seems to be appearing in the market. Shoes aimed at bringing bodies into alignment, balancing the weight, burning calories, and more just for healthy. Do these shoes really accomplish all they promise?

The shoe brands and offers the following insight :

The Design : Many wellness shoes, such as those made by MBT, are known as rocker-style shoes because the negative heel (lower than the toe) and curved bottom results in a gait that, the companies claim, improves posture and creates a natural instability that forces your buttocks and thighs to work harder.

Consider Practical Alternatives : Before you blow your budget on a pair of these shoes, it's important to understand that you can tone your backside without special footwear. For much less money and similar results, you can incorporate balancing exercises into your day.

Make Sure to Stretch : If you're dead-set on buying wellness shoes in a quest for a tighter tush, be sure that you incorporate daily stretching into your life, or you're likely to be sidelined with pulled muscles rather than rocker-walking your way to firmer thighs.

Health Experts Recommendation : My personal preference is the ergonomic Cardiostride(tm) - meaning that it gives you a cardiac workout just be wearing them and moving your body. I have worn the first, second and third generation Cardiostrides(tm), and I love them. ( Why, you ask?

They tone the body

The lower trunk is heavier than the upper trunk of the body: the shoes align the ankles, knees and hips- pulling in your abs and your gluteus

Wear them to burn calories faster, firm and tone muscles : get in better shape, raise your metabolic rate, and receive cardiovascular conditioning*

When used in conjunction with an exercise program.

"Physiological footwear may have a permanent place in a niche market," says Weinstein, "but it's not going to revolutionize female American butts. Only squats, lunges, and fewer donuts will accomplish that."

This healthy tips provide by Sharon M. Weinstein -

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